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Today's Space Weather

Full Disk H-alpha Image
Flare & Geomagnetic Activity 48hr Forecast
Date X-ray Flare Geomagnetic Activity
2022-4-27 C Class no activity
10.7cm Radio Flux (F10.7) Forecast
1st Day 2nd Day 3rd Day
130 130 130
Proton Event Probability Forecast
24hr 48hr 72hr
01 01 01


As a member of International Space Environment Service (ISES), Regional Warning Center of China (RWC-China) consists of four sub-centers: Solar Activity Prediction Center, Space Environment Prediction Center, Ionospheric Disturbance Prediction Center and Geomagnetic Storm Prediction Center. The headquarters of RWC-China is located in the campus of National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC).

The tasks of RWC-China are as follows: improvement for space weather forecast; enlargement of the service field; collaboration with domestic and international organizations; exchange forecast information and observational data with other regional warning centers to serve the users in local regions and the world.


2015-2-9  New E-mail address of RWC China
We have started using the new E-mail address of RWC China (rwcc@nao.cas.cn) on May 2014. This E-mail address is responsible for distributing forecast products, exchanging space weather data with other RWCs as well as receiving feedback information.

2015-1-5  New English web site of RWC China is online
After several months development, the new English web system of RWC China is now online. Please tell us your experience (mail to: rwcc@nao.cas.cn). Any suggestions and comments are welcome. We will continually enrich the contents and functions of the web site in the future work.