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Today's Space Weather

Full Disk H-alpha Image
Flare & Geomagnetic Activity 48hr Forecast
Date X-ray Flare Geomagnetic Activity
2022-4-27 C Class no activity
10.7cm Radio Flux (F10.7) Forecast
1st Day 2nd Day 3rd Day
130 130 130
Proton Event Probability Forecast
24hr 48hr 72hr
01 01 01

Solar Activity Medium-Term Forecast

No. 2021-04C

1. Occurrence recorded at the National Astronomical Observatory from Apr 12 to Apr 19 2021:

2 solar active regions. One M class flares, M1.1.

2. Forecast for the period from Apr 19 to Apr 26 2021:

Monthly average sunspot number: 15.0

Solar active level: 1-2

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